VOWF (Voice of WorkForce) is highly innovative web-based software which allow you to create and distribute surveys as and when you want without any inclusion of any sort of inconvenience. It is blessed with a multitude of features which can make it easier for you to create and circulate surveys with all easiness and efficiency. With its dynamically innovational interface you can create fully advanced surveys (there are various types of formats available or which can be used by you to design or structure your surveys perfectly well). You can have the option to send your survey via email or through website by integrating its tools perfectly. Moreover, you can have the chance to track down everything about surveys you create and distribute. You can view reports in highly advanced manner and trace down every detail about it.


Option to choose from variety of question types

There are around 30 formats to choose from. Select your question type from multiple choice questions to rate-it type of questions etc.

Control your own template

Control on your template

Manage your own template. Getting control on it to increase your productivity.

Multiple Themes

Customize Themes

Customize your own module color themes that is pleasant to your eyes.

Easy Distributions

Easy Distributions

Send your surveys or market through different channels by via email or blog, social networking websites etc.

Tracking Response

Tracking Responses

Track down responses easily with no hassle at all.

Generate Reports

Generates reports in multiple formats

VOWF help you view responses in multiple formats such as graphical representations, table format, percentage format etc.

Mobile Compatibility

Compatibility with mobile devices

VOWF has the mobile features and mobile compatibility. It is of course a mobile friendly. Reach out your smartphone users spontaneously.

Download Report

Downloading reports on your Surveys

You can download reports on your surveys in MS Excel, or PowerPoint, CSV format etc.

Data safe and protected

Data safe and protected

Participant data is sensitive and private. We ensure it stays that way. VOWF technology is hosted in secure Tier One, Class A data centers.

Filtering Response

Filtering your responses on Surveys

You can filter or sieve out the responses. Responses you receive can be segmented as gender-based, time-based, location-based etc.

Multiple Users

Provide access to other users

You can have multiple users as well by adding them as an applications user.


VOWF (Voice of Workforce) allows its users to create surveys as per their choice. There are a number of options for the users to create surveys as and when they require. Availably of options in creating surveys is one of its dynamic features. Users can have the option to select the best format for their surveys.

There are options for you to include in your surveys such as:

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Questions

Comes in three best forms with options of radio buttons, drop-down and check box. Your respondents can select one or two options to answer from your given questions. You can create multiple choice questions by providing images as options to select from too.

Commenting Question

Commenting Type of Responses

You can give your respondents a comment box to comment on what you would like to receive responses. "Comment Type Boxes" takes up name, phone number and email address of your respondents.

Rate Question

"Rate-it" type of Questions

Your respondents can answer by simply rating what you ask for. You can use "Slider form" for your rate-it type of questions or you can have the choice to use "Click-on-button" form or "Write-it-down-here" type of questions.

Contact Information

Including a contact information form

You can include "a contact information form" as well to get information about your respondents. It is be the extended version of commenting type of responses.

Upload Question

Uploads by the respondents

You can give your respondents an option to upload a file with their answers if they would like to.

Slide Question

Slide Form

There is slider question that allow your correspondant to slide answers to area of their interest.


Importing surveys

You can import surveys too. If you have created a survey in word document then you can import into VOWF and create an online survey easily.

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank

Create your question easier and faster from our knowledge bank collection. Pick your category ranging from Hospitality, Customer Feedback, Human Resources and etc.


The sole purpose behind creating and distributing any survey is to get responses from the group of the respondents or the community you target. Only responses generated from surveys will help you analyze and facilitate in taking well-informed and well-chosen decisions. Hence, it is indispensable to get full control over responses received or generated.

The reports you receive on surveys you create and distribute matters a lot. VOWF allows you to have full control over the responses you receive. It certainly allows you to get reports in multiple formats.

Multiple Format

Multiple formats

The responses on surveys you've created and distributed can be viewed in multiple formats. You have the choice to view reports just with a single click on "view reports button" which allows you to view reports in table format, graphical representation, percentage format etc.

Compare Reports

Compare reports

You can compare reports too. For instance, you can compare how males responded in comparison to females and how many have responded by clicking on "yes" and how many responded by clicking on "no" etc. You can compare and merge reports to get better results.

Download Report

Downloading reports

You can download reports as well with no inconvenience at all. You can have the choice to download reports in MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, CSV, SPSS formats etc.


VOWF gives utmost importance on how to make the clients happier and satisfied. We are known for our extensively beneficial and result-based support services.

24/7 Support

We offer 24 / 7 support services to our customers across the world

Our clients can just get in touch with us, irrespective of their geographical barriers. We earnestly believe in providing services which can strengthen relationship or which can single us out from the rest.

Email and Chat Support

Email and Chat Support

Send us an email if you are unable to understand anything or if you are stuck anywhere while making use of our online software. We are here for you to help you through email or chat.

Support Team

Support Team

Our team of professionals works 24 / 7 and remains ever ready for you to help you out anytime you would like to. Our support team is highly amicable.


VOWF gives utmost importance on how to make the clients happier and satisfied. We are known for our extensively beneficial and result-based support services.

No access to third party

No access to any third party

Only you will have access to the software. Create and distribute surveys whenever you want. View reports on your surveys exclusively.

Unique access code

Unique Access Code

Your account is password protected and secure.

Assign user gain access

Only assign user can gain access

Only those you have given access can create and distribute the surveys. You have the option to limit their access only to specific modules as you wish.

Online security

A step beyond online Security

VOWF takes great measures in securing or saving the data from being corrupted or viewed by any other third party. We maintain highest level of internet security procedures to protect our customers' identity and their data. We maintain the priority to firewalls, internet data encryption or other necessary security measures.